Red-light Safety Camera

Red-light Safety Camera at Vineyard and Palama Will Issue Active Citations

In Honolulu, on Sept. 20, the As part of a two-year pilot program, the Hawai’i Department of Transportation (HDOT) announced that red-light safety cameras would be installed at Vineyard Boulevard and Palama Street and Vineyard Boulevard and Liliha Street.

The Phase 1 sites have finished their construction. On Saturday, October, warning letters for running red lights at Vineyard and Palama started to arrive. 1. The first citations for violations at the Vineyard and Palama intersection were issued on November 20 and are currently being processed. As of November, alerts are being sent from the Vineyard Boulevard and Liliha Street location. 

Owners of registered vehicles who receive notice of a red-light running violation can follow the instructions on the notice to review the photographic and video evidence, pay the fine, or contest the citation using the exemptions allowed by Section 291J-7 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes. The statute explains that a citation may be contested by providing evidence that one or more of the following applies:

  1. When the citation was issued, you weren’t the owner on record.
  2. To give way to an emergency vehicle, the car crossed the intersection on the blink of a red light.
  3. The car was a part of a police-escorted funeral procession.
  4. The motor vehicle or its license plates were reported as stolen.
  5. As instructed by the law enforcement officer, the car drove through the intersection on the red light.

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Source: Hawaii Department of Transportation

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