Armory Adds Security Cameras

Armory Adds Security Cameras, Fence to East Parking Lot in Light of Break-ins

Since it opened, The Armory has experienced a rise in car break-ins, prompting the addition of security measures to one of its lots. The most recent incident took place in the Goodwill parking lot nearby.

The old landmark was constructed in 1938. The Armory is St. Louis’ largest indoor entertainment complex, and visitors are encouraged to embrace their inner child.

“There are a bunch of incredible games; you kind of feel like you’re outside and inside at the same time,” said Brick & Beverage Group president Jake Miller.

But car break-ins have started to affect the company. They’re building a fence for their east lot and installing security cameras in addition to having armed off-duty police conduct nightly patrols.

“It takes an image of the car going in, and an image of the car going out,” Miller said. “However, one of the cameras also specifically scans the license plates, enabling you to index a particular vehicle and determine how long it was present.”

He claimed that to get the cameras installed in the east lot, they had teamed up with Fisher Parking Systems. Cameras and fencing are present in the west parking lot.

“We have a 360-degree camera, 24/7 that sits in the middle of the lot that captures everything in the lot,” Miller said.

Several break-ins happened at the Armory on a Saturday night back in January.

“It kind of caught us off guard in early January, and that’s when we jumped in,” Miller said. “Though it was ordered in January, it took this long due to supply chain issues and other factors.”

The fence ought to be finished by this coming Friday, and the cameras are already working.

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