Automatic Lens Cover

Automatic Lens Cover Helps Cameras Cover Space Launches

For safety reasons, it is frequently necessary to use remote cameras when filming space launches. But that also means that no photographer will be present to clean lenses if condensation forms on them as a result of the weather at the time. Michael Baylor built a custom automatic lens cap to help with the problem of atmospheric moisture obstructing his launch shots.

The design is straightforward and consists of a sizable shutter that pivots to cover the camera lens when no pictures are being taken. The shutter is moved by an impressively powerful servo. In addition to shielding the lens from condensation before launch, the automatic cap also closes to cover the lens as the rocket exits the frame. By doing this, the lens is shielded from the dust and other debris that the rocket exhaust on takeoff will otherwise kick up and fly its way.

[Michael discovered that the lens cap performed far better than his typical anti-condensation product. One camera equipped with 18-hour handwarmers suffered significantly from condensation, while the one with the auto-cap shot mostly clear pictures. To permanently prevent condensation, even when shooting at targets like Vandenburg, California, it is planned to add a tiny amount of heat to the auto-cap setup.

The basic idea is there, but there aren’t many specifics about the build. You can create a setup that is specifically suited to your own rig and use case by combining a servo with some 3D-printed components and a microcontroller. We’ve seen those before, too, if you find yourself in need of a strong long-range camera remote. After the break, a video.

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Source: Hackaday

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