Menacing Band of Car Burglars Caught on Camera

Menacing Band of Car Burglars Caught on Camera Roaming Antioch Neighborhood

When you watch the video, you are disturbed to see a large number of individuals roaming the streets and breaking into cars, including the ones in your driveway, while wearing hooded sweatshirts with their faces covered.

“I was unaware of what was going on when I saw them. I muttered something along the lines of, “I hope they don’t try to enter the garage.”‘ I said, “I’m not going out there by myself.”‘ It was about 10 of them,” said Mike Allen, whose car was broken into.

On July 6, early in the morning, it took place in the City of Antioch’s Country Hills neighborhood. His car is being broken into in the video, according to the person heard on the phone. He requested that his identity not be made public.

“They broke into my girlfriend’s car,” Allen said. “Her baby bag was in the car. They entered there and started searching through everything. The next morning, I observed three additional cars acting similarly as they drove down the street.”

Speaking on behalf of the Antioch Police Department, Sgt. The crime was deemed unusual by Price Kendall.

“It is unusual that you see that many people, a large group, would go around looking into cars and walking the neighborhood,” Kendall said. “This frequently takes place. Typically, there are one or two people involved and a car. The neighborhood was only being wandered by a sizable group of people this evening.”

Although the investigation is still ongoing, according to Sgt. Kendall, it currently seems that this group was strategically avoiding breaking and entering while looking for unlocked car doors.

“There were definitely crimes of opportunity,” Kendall said. “You can see in one of the videos that they were able to approach the car on foot. There’s a good chance the car’s door was open.”

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