Community Connect Milwaukee Security Camera Registry Launches

Community Connect Milwaukee Security Camera Registry Launches

MILWAUKEE – The Milwaukee Police Department launched a new initiative on Thursday to encourage people to register their home security cameras with the agency in an effort to increase the number of eyes on crime.

Community Connect Milwaukee is being promoted by MPD Chief Jeffrey Norman to residents of the entire city. Residents are able to register their security cameras for their homes or businesses with the department.

“I know what you’re thinking: Is this some kind of dystopian technology that invades privacy and rights?,” said Cavalier Johnson, the mayor. “That is a “no” to the question.'”

The program relies on volunteers. Residents have the option to register or integrate their camera with the department. By registering it, the department will be aware of the whereabouts of any cameras that might have recorded a crime. Later, the footage would need to be requested by the police.

“I think it will act as a deterrent,” Johnson said.

Milwaukee Police Chief Jeffrey Norman and other city officials on Thursday announced Community Connect Milwaukee – a “real time crime center in the cloud.”

When video security is integrated, the department can receive live feeds from the camera. A security firm called Fusus and MPD are working together. Companies would pay that company to add a device to their network, enabling MPD to access the live feed.

Even then, the decision to share the footage will be up to the camera owner, according to MPD, which calms some locals’ concerns.

“You wouldn’t want any invasion of privacy, and it sounds like this isn’t intended to do that,” said Brian Lief.

Others in the community expressed support for initiatives to reduce crime.

“Enough is enough,” said Vonny Walker. “Everywhere needs cameras.”

Any video files provided, according to MPD, will only be used for criminal investigations.

“I don’t think it’s the worst idea, but we will see what comes of it,” said Elle de Felice.

Residents can register online if they want to participate in the initiative.

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