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Connect St. Johns Community Partnership Initiative for Security Cameras

By granting them access to your security cameras, the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office hopes to reduce crime.

The community is being urged to work with the St. Johns Sheriff’s Office so that they can more effectively monitor crime, respond to it, and gather evidence more quickly.

Homeowners who spoke to Jimmy Marlow of Action News Jax say they support the initiative but want to maintain control over their cameras.

St. Augustine resident Charles Donges has not opted in to “Connect St. Johns” but supports the idea of partnering with the sheriff’s office to enhance their abilities. Over integration, he would pick registration.

Donges added, “Although I would be more than happy to register, I wouldn’t immediately log in and pull the feed at this time.”

When Jimmy asked him why, he responded, “How do I handle it if there is a glitch on their end that affects my cameras? I’d like to maintain control of it. I’ll do anything, though, to support the police and sheriffs.”

Level one of the initiative entails registering your cameras, which only enables investigators to be aware that there is an operational camera at your location; if necessary, they can contact the owner to obtain video evidence.

St. Augustine resident Irene Bonidie told Jimmy that she would also feel comfortable with just registering of the cameras; she added, “They are free to view my camera recordings if something happens, but I just don’t want them to invade my privacy.”

In level two, integration, a small core that would be connected to your camera system would give the sheriff’s office immediate access to your camera feed in the event of an emergency.

Irene’s husband, Robert Bonidie says the need for “Connect St. Johns” growing, “The level of violence, firearms, and shootings, in my opinion, is out of control. There must be action taken. Consider it carefully, then decide for yourself what is best for you.”

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Source: yahoo news

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