Galaxy S21 Native Camera Night Mode

Galaxy S21 Native Camera Night Mode is Coming to Snapchat

Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat’s native camera features were first introduced with the Galaxy S22 series of smartphones. This clever integration allowed Galaxy S22 users to use their phones’ potent native cameras without ever leaving the social media apps. Currently, Snapchat is working to retroactively make those features—or at the very least, Night Mode—available to owners of Galaxy S21 series smartphones, according to Samsung.

The native low-light camera capabilities of the Galaxy S21 are coming to the Snapchat app via a future update, according to the camera-related moderator for the Samsung Community. The moderator made it clear that Snapchat developers, not the camera team from Samsung, are responsible for deciding when to release this feature.

Upon contacting Snapchat, the Samsung moderator confirmed with the Snapchat devs that the native night mode camera feature is coming to the Galaxy S21 series “soon,” however, they couldn’t share a precise release date, and it’s not up to Release of this function by Samsung.

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Source: sammobile

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