Google Nest Security Cameras

Google Nest Security Cameras Just Had Their Prices Slashed

Some Google fans might be wondering what to buy in its place since Google’s Nest Secure is set to make a final exit next year.

Even smarter Google fans are wondering what to get that’s on sale. This article is for you if you belong to these highly intelligent ranks. Beginning this weekend, there will be discounts of 20% or more on both the 2nd Gen Wired Google Nest Security Cam and the 2nd Gen Google Nest Cam Indoor / Outdoor battery version.

This is an excellent opportunity to upgrade your home security camera system without breaking the bank.

Google Nest Cam 2 (Wired)— $80, Was 100

Why Buy

  • Smart AI detects animals, objects, people, and even familiar faces
  • Duo of cloud storage and internal storage
  • Connects with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Options to only record when you’re gone

Cute indoor camera, the Google Nest Cam 2 (Wired), is ready to help you without getting in the way. Because of Google’s sophisticated AI, not all moving objects will raise an alert. It knows the difference between pets and people, for instance, and if you live with a spouse and/or children, it can start to recognize them, too, as “familiar faces.”

This is just one of the reasons that our Google Nest Cam 2 (Wired) review referred to it as a “security camera that doesn’t require constant babysitting thanks to its smart features.”

One more is the elimination of the home security system’s constant song and dance of arming and disarming. Instead, you can use Google Home routines to turn the camera off while you’re inside and keep it recording while you’re away.

It’s a combo that increases privacy and security, conveniently. Finally, the Google Nest Cam 2 (Wired) comes in a variety of colors, including an eggshell-like “fog”, a tan “linen”, and a classic white “snow”. Choose your color today by tapping the button below!


Google Nest Cam 2 (Wireless) — $260, Was $330

Why Buy

  • High value for the price
  • Use it anywhere
  • 20-foot LED illumination can “see in the dark”
  • 3 hours of event video history (free)

If you want the option of indoor or outdoor vision, the Google Nest Cam 2 (Battery) will be more your style. However, given that it is one of the best outdoor security cams, you’ll probably want to use it outdoors. Although it has essentially the same intelligence as the wired version, the applications are much more flexible because of the more flexible placement options.

For example, have a neighborhood dog come into your yard and leave a “present” you’d rather not have delivered? That ability to detect animals will come in handy, and the three hour event video history that comes free with the system will allow you to pinpoint exactly who the culprit is.

The 850 nm infrared LED lights have a night penetration zone of up to 20 feet, making them effective in cases of more nefarious, human-involved capers.

This will give you and your neighborhood police department a clear view of the robber.

As a final point, this camera is advertised as battery-operated, but if you choose certain optional extras, you can plug it in so that it is always operational. It is an incredibly useful tool.

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