Hidden Camera Found Inside Porta-potty

Hidden Camera Found Inside Porta-potty at Wisconsin Beach

When a woman at a Wisconsin beach discovered a hidden camera beneath a port-a-potty’s toilet seat, she made a terrible discovery.

Police are investigating whether it was the only camera present and who installed it.

“That’s insane. Oh my gosh,” Chrissy Hartwig said.

On a gorgeous day at Oconomowoc’s Bender Beach, the conversation shifts to something unpleasant when Hartwig and the other beachgoers discover a tiny digital camera concealed inside a porta potty.

“That’s crazy and now that makes me think of all the other porta-potties that might have had something in it,” Hartwig said. “You do not consider those things.”

Hartwig claimed that while she had heard of people concealing cameras in vacation homes and even dressing rooms, she had never heard of anyone doing so in a porta potty.

“I am absolutely stunned. Never gave it much thought. Never once did I consider it. I doubt I would have given it any thought. People are creeps,” she said.

According to reports, a camera was installed inside the restroom and was set up to capture images of people using and entering the restroom.

The public and the Oconomowoc police both have numerous inquiries.

“It’s, you know, it’s very concerning because you know the little ones use the bathroom,” Lissa Hagen said. “Yes, it’s worrying to wonder who did it and why they would do such a thing. It’s very gross too.”

The day after the camera was discovered, Hagen’s daughter, a lifeguard at the beach, was made aware of its existence.

“It’s uncomfortable, I mean. You know, it’s a concern. Yeah, so, I’m glad they found it at least before, you know, anything happened,” Hagen said.

The police haven’t said how long they think the camera was there or what, if anything, was on it.

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