Camera for Landscape Photographers

Is This the Ultimate Camera for Landscape Photographers?

Many landscape photographers place the two qualities of resolution and dynamic range at the top of their list when selecting a camera. Due to this, the Fujifilm GFX 100S appears to be one of the most suitable candidates for the category.

The GFX 100 received praise for offering a 102-megapixel medium format sensor and a variety of contemporary features in a package that cost less than $10,000, seriously challenging the medium format paradigm.

The GFX 100S went a step further in making medium format an attractive alternative to full frame for many users by keeping everything in the GFX 100 (including that impressive sensor) aside from the built-in grip and slashing the price by almost 50%. Without a doubt, it’s a very appealing choice for landscape photographers. I’ll be honest: Every week, I probably take a look at my equipment and wonder whether I should sell it for a GFX kit.

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Source: fstoppers

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