"Register" Security Cameras

Some Maine Towns Asking Residents to “Register” Security Cameras

Security cameras that can be accessed online are incredibly common these days. They are typically within the budget of any homeowner because of recent significant price decreases. Additionally, they can be used in various ways.

Of course, they guarantee the home’s and its occupants’ safety. Should someone break into the house or place of business, they serve as a deterrent and can be used to photograph the perpetrators.

Depending on where they are mounted, they frequently also record activities in a neighborhood. Yes, they can record that amusing video of a dog taking his owner on a Nantucket sleigh ride (look it up), but they can also record potentially suspicious behavior.

Because of this, some police departments in Maine are now requesting that citizens register their security cameras.

According to News Center Maine, the police departments in the towns of Lisbon, Old Orchard Beach, and Berwick have begun asking local residents if they have security cameras that can record the streets outside their homes.

The database is designed to make it simpler for police to obtain security camera footage of suspects or criminal incidents. They only need to go to the database and match up the locations of cameras with the locations where incidents occurred rather than having to go door to door looking for a house or establishment that might have footage of an incident that happened at location X.

Before they can actually view the footage, the police claim they must have your consent.

The Berwick Police Department has reportedly signed up about 20 people for the program, though we are unsure about the participation of Lisbon and OOB.

Naturally, not everyone favors the concept. Even though police need your consent to obtain the video, some people still think this is an overreach on the part of the authorities.

What do you think about the matter? Would you register your cameras if your neighborhood police force asked you to do so? Send us a message on our app or on Facebook to share your thoughts.

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