How to Spot a Hidden Camera

Marion Police Provide Tips on How to Spot a Hidden Camera

It takes just a quick search on Amazon to find hidden cameras. Some of which are under $20 and can be hidden in USB chargers, outlets and other small devices.

Police Major B.J. When making reservations for a rental or vacation home this spring or summer, Gruber advised keeping it top of mind.

“You’re not aware of its extent, which is unfortunate. I can tell you how prevalent it is that we have become aware of it,” Gruber said.

A 18-year-old man was detained by the Marion Police Department in February on suspicion of placing cameras inside the restrooms at the neighborhood YMCA and The Ohio State University’s Marion campus.

According to Gruber, someone in the YMCA discovered the gadget after it had fallen from the wall or ceiling.

Although cameras are ubiquitous, Gruber noted that this is one of the first instances of its kind he can recall.

“At the end of the day, whether you are renting a house, or you are in a public place, you almost have to assume there could be cameras,” Gruber said.

There are a few ways to find out if your rental property has interior hidden cameras.
It is possible to verify whether the cameras are real even though they typically look like everyday objects.

A light out of place is one of the initial indicators, according to the police. If you want to know how many networks are active at the location, you can also search for Wi-Fi scanning software.

A small amount of reflective glass is present in every camera and could be seen.

Informing yourself is the best defense, says Gruber.

“Ask the company you are renting from about their policies if you aren’t sure. I think familiarizing yourself with that type of information is really powerful,” he said.

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