MIOPS Spark Helps You Get More from Your iPhone Camera

MIOPS Spark Helps You Get More from Your iPhone Camera

Since a few years ago, MIOPS has used crowdfunding to raise money for a variety of helpful photography equipment, including the Mobile, Flex, and Flex Bolt camera triggers. With a lightning trigger, long exposures, and other creative tools, the Spark now gives iPhone photographers DSLR-like control.

“Spark brings professional-level features and versatility to iPhone photography, allowing users to unleash their creativity and capture stunning images and videos,” said company CEO, Onur Celik. “We think Spark will enable photographers and videographers to advance their art.”

If the model supports it, users first mount an iPhone to the accessory via MagSafe, or if it doesn’t, they stick a MagSafe sticker to the phone. The Spark’s camera array protrudes beyond the phone’s frame, and the chunky grip to the right has controls for focusing, white balance, and ISO that are reminiscent of those on DSLRs, as well as a shutter-release button on top.

Long exposure settings can be helpful when taking pictures of the night sky, adding motion to waterfalls or river flows, or letting users paint with light. Attempting to photograph a lightning strike can be simplified with an onboard light sensor.

There’s a mode to combine the best elements of bracketed exposures for rich and detailed HDR imagery, while photo stacking can grab “intricate details that make your images truly stand out.” For a scene that is less cluttered, there is even a feature that allows for the digital removal of people and objects. Additionally, an Apple Watch can be used to remotely control the iPhone being worn by the Spark for a hands-free experience.

Additional features include a burst mode for quick action shots, live filters that can be applied in real time, a tiltmeter to help people get level, a histogram display to help users get the best shot, and the ability to highlight overexposed areas so they can be adjusted before the picture is taken.

Users can choose from JPG, TIFF, RAW, or ProRAW image formats, save their favorite presets for quick recall, and share their creations directly to social media through the app. Since the device has a battery of its own, it won’t drain the power from your iPhone, and according to MIOPS, users might not need to recharge it for a full year.

The Spark is described as the “ultimate tool for photography enthusiasts” and is currently the subject of a funding drive on Kickstarter. Pledges are currently starting at US$99. The typical crowdfunding warnings still apply, but assuming everything goes as planned, shipping should begin in May 2024.

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