Microsoft's Surface Pro X Cameras Have Stopped Working

Microsoft’s Surface Pro X Cameras Have Stopped Working for Everyone

The cameras on owners’ Surface Pro X units reportedly stopped functioning this week. Users of the Surface Pro X on Reddit and in Microsoft’s support forums report that their cameras stopped working yesterday and that reinstalling drivers did not resolve the problem.

The Surface Pro X is Microsoft’s top-of-the-line Arm-powered tablet, with a goal of advancing Windows toward phone-like app support and battery life. There is a workaround that suggests the issue may be connected to a Windows security certificate that has expired, although the exact cause of these camera issues is not yet known.

Owners of the Surface Pro X have found that if they change the date to May 22, the camera starts to function once more.

The workaround might be successful, but until Microsoft addresses the underlying cause, it is only a band-aid until authentication problems with specific websites and services are resolved.

The issues surface right in the middle of Microsoft’s Build developer conference, where the software giant unveiled updates for Windows 11 and a brand-new Copilot assistant that uses artificial intelligence.

Even today, Microsoft is about to release a new version of Windows 11 that includes enhancements for gadgets like the Surface Pro X, and the company has spoken about its plans to enhance AI experiences powered by Arm processors.

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Source: theverge

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