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Mysterious Hidden Cameras Spotted in Quiet Neighborhood, Footage Found Has Residents Rattled

Residents of a Washington state neighborhood are on edge this week after spotting several hidden cameras set up around a bus stop where children wait to go to school each morning.

David Springgay, a resident of the Union Hill neighborhood in Redmond, told Fox 13 Seattle that his 11-year-old son found the first of two mysterious trail cameras by the school bus stop on Feb. 1.

After checking with his neighbors to see if they were the owners of the camera, Springgay downloaded the data from the device when no one came forward to claim it.

“You could see in the images that there was my teenage daughter,” Springgay said. “You saw my elementary-aged children arrive and wait for the bus down there.”

One of Springgay’s neighbors discovered a second camera a week later, a few yards down from the first one, and it too was covered in hot-glued foliage.

The second camera was not pointed at the bus stop but rather a driveway, and data captured vehicles coming and going from the property.

Although the person who installed the cameras was difficult to identify, it appeared that both cameras had captured footage of him or her.

“He was doing it at 3 in the morning, so it’s a black-and-white, grainy picture,” Springgay said.

According to Sprinngay, he turned the camera over to the King County Sheriff’s Office, which stated that it is being treated as found property and that no crime has yet been committed.

“Once a crime is committed, then they can use it as reason to get the records from the company that manufactures the camera,” said Springgay.

Springgay confided in the outlet that he was worried about who was keeping an eye on his neighborhood.

“The camera is connected to the cellular network,” Springgay said. “Whoever installed the camera there was potentially uploading all of those pictures.”

The King County Sheriff’s Office told Fox News Digital there have been “no updates” on the incident.

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Source: foxnews

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