Police Release Body Camera Footage from Night of Freddy Ramirez Shooting

Police Release Body Camera Footage from Night of Freddy Ramirez Shooting

Newly-released body camera video shows the moments Miami-Dade Police Director Alfredo “Freddy” At a Tampa hotel last month, Ramirez was handcuffed.

On July 23, Ramirez’s wife was questioned by police after a bystander saw him aiming a gun at his head as the couple argued.

The incident happened while the couple was in Tampa for a sheriff’s conference.

After some time, Ramirez shot himself in the head while driving on Interstate 75.

In the video, Tampa police are seen approaching the man’s hotel room at the JW Marriott while concealing their approach with a ballistics shield and drawing their weapons.

The audio and video of what happened after Ramirez was handcuffed by the officers can also be seen.

When police questioned Ramirez’s wife about her safety, she responded that she didn’t have any worries.

Afterward, they unfasten Ramirez’s handcuffs.

The 911 call made immediately following the shooting was obtained by Local 10 News. It’s a tragic phone call from a terrified wife whose husband had just shot himself.

As a news organization, Local 10 only saw the shock value in airing those recordings rather than any news value. Local 10 News won’t air those recordings as a result.

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Source: local10

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