Return of the Digital Camera

Say Sleaze! the Return of the Digital Camera

Every year, the UK government goes full Supermarket Sweep and presents an updated version of the The CPI Basket of Goods is a made-up cart of goods that the Office of National Statistics uses to calculate inflation rates. This year’s edition added dairy-free spreads, video doorbells, couriers, frozen fruit, and train tickets to make it more accurate by including recently relevant or popular items.

For those who came of age in the mid-noughties, this year saw CDs and DVDs frisbeed, alcopops swilled down the sink, Superking cigarettes stubbed out, and vending machines wrapped (home-killed lamb shoulders were also thrown out FYI).

A more noticeable but dubious omission was the digital compact camera, which was permanently taken out of the picture. “There is a narrower range of digital compact cameras available for pricing, following a decline in consumer spending, because of the increased usage and quality of smartphone cameras,” the report reads.

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