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Woman Disturbed to See Neighbor Peeping into Her Window on Home Security Camera

Security video captured an accused “peeping Tom” in the act, not once, but twice!

The man allegedly preyed on his neighbor, according to Cobb County police.

Imagine yourself at home, enjoying some downtime, when suddenly your phone buzzes with a security alert.

When you open the alert, you can see someone outside your house staring directly at you.

That’s exactly what a woman told Channel 2′s Cobb County Bureau Chief Michele Newell that happened to her.

An individual can be seen walking down some stairs in the surveillance video. He comes to a stop, stoops, and looks.

Because she doesn’t feel safe, the woman doesn’t want her identity revealed on television.

On two different occasions, her neighbor Evan Fletcher is accused of being a peeping Tom.

She was informed of the unsettling situation by a security system notification.

“The second I got the notification I opened it up and I look and I’m watching him watch me,” she said. “And I told her to come upstairs right away when I called her.’ Just after turning on the lights, he took off, so we called the police.”

According to the investigators, Fletcher returned.

He can be seen walking down the back steps, getting his phone, and turning on the flashlight in the video.

The living room is on the upper level of the house, where Fletcher can be seen ascending the deck steps in another scene.

“He took that chair and placed it in front of the door as though he were seated and watching. But because of the time stamp on the videos, we could see that he just set the chair and then went around and stared and watched,” the victim said.

Fletcher is charged with repeatedly visiting the residence.

However, he was only discovered when the surveillance cameras were active.

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