Security Camera Captures An Epic Showdown Between a Dog and a Bear

Security Camera Captures An Epic Showdown Between a Dog and a Bear

Security is the primary reason people install video cameras in their homes. These cameras can sometimes capture the strangest things. The video we’re watching today shows a fierce struggle between two animals.

We see a security camera facing a cute backyard as the video starts. A large black bear materializes out of nowhere. The untamed animal is interested in a hanging bird feeder and undoubtedly scanning it for seeds to munch on.

The bear receives a treat from the feeder before turning abruptly to see the neighbor’s dog snuck into the backyard. The bear managed to knock over a bird feeder, eat the contents, and have a close encounter with man’s best friend in the brief time it was in the yard.

Riley, a nine-year-old lab mix, approaches the apex predator head-on and shows no signs of fear. The dog rushes in its direction as the bear scurries for its life. Occasionally, it appears as though the bear will attack the dog, but instead it runs away.

The homeowner says this about the footage from his yard: “It was the first time I had ever witnessed Riley repel a bear. It wasn’t like this when he previously chased a bear up a tree.”

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Source: a-z-animals

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