Security Camera Captures Man Base Jumping in East Village

Security Camera Captures Man Base Jumping in East Village

A man is seen floating off a building, gliding through the air, and landing on a busy East Village street in the footage from a home security camera.

Early this week, the incident took place. On the corner of K and 15th streets downtown, the man was seen floating between buildings.

Several seconds later, vehicles can be seen passing in the man’s direction.

“That’s insane to me. Sacrificing 30 seconds of fame or whatever to put on social media it’s crazy to me,” said resident, Gabino Soto.

George Salazar recorded the video. He declined to speak to the media but told CBS 8 that as he was looking out the window, he noticed someone hurriedly packing a backpack with an orange parachute. He started recording as soon as he quickly grabbed his phone.

The parachute flew past his window shortly after, and to his surprise, he discovered the motion detection on his security camera had captured it.

“I don’t know how people can just gamble their lives for just enjoyment like that,” added Soto.

San Diego has seen base jumpers before. A 48-year-old Cardiff man lost his life while attempting to base jump from a 23-story apartment building in University City last year.

Stunts like this, according to San Diego Police at the time, are common.

“In San Diego, you may occasionally see them perched on cliffs or hanging off other buildings or bridges. Not every time a successful jump occurs, the police are informed. Obviously, we’re called when things don’t go as planned,” said San Diego Police Department Captain Scott Wahl.

Another man leaped from a crane in the East Village at 15th and J streets in 2018. He safely landed and was then arrested by law enforcement.

Videos of base jumping have a huge following on social media and YouTube among click-seekers seeking their next adrenaline rush.

In order to avoid a tragedy, law enforcement advises base jumpers and anyone considering trying stunts to weigh the risks.

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Source: cbs8

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