Twin Brother Arrested in Silver Spring Airbnb Hidden Camera Case

Twin Brother Arrested in Silver Spring Airbnb Hidden Camera Case

A Silver Spring Airbnb host’s twin brother was detained on suspicion of installing hidden cameras in a bedroom.

Larry Goisse, 38, was taken from an out-of-state detention center by Montgomery County Police Department officers on Thursday, August 17. He was then brought to the Montgomery County Central Processing Unit, where he is currently being held without bond.

A bedroom and bathroom that Goisse allegedly installed cameras inside of smoke detectors to rent to Airbnb users.

A couple from Texas who had rented the room in the Dale Drive house in August 2022 and found the contraptions led police to the scene.

“I went into pure panic, pure shock mode,” one of the renters told FOX 5.

Court documents reveal the couple “were intimate while in the shared bathroom” then “laid down on the bed, put a movie on and began to relax.”

They became suspicious when they suddenly noticed a smoke detector in the corner and another one above the bed in the center of the ceiling.

They took it down after realizing it was a hidden camera.

As a result of the stress and strain this situation has put them under, they are currently suing Airbnb host Christopher Goisse for more than $75,000.

Christopher Goisse denied all wrongdoing when questioned a year ago.

Instead, he said he believed there was a “possibility” the guests may have planted the devices and then took them to police.

However, the lawsuit states he “refused to allow MCPD to search the bedroom, which had a locked door, where his twin brother Larry was staying.”

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Source: FOX5

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