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See for Yourself: Google Phone Cameras Have Come a Long Way

Smartphones from Google’s Pixel line are known for having excellent cameras. If someone asks for an Android phone recommendation and specifies “good camera,” what do you suggest?

Most likely, you suggest the Pixels. That’s what Kellen and I do, at least. By no means would I say that Google has always been like this, though. Looking at a timeline, the first Pixel camera released in 2016 was when Google’s camera game truly became top tier. That’s when it started getting good.

About that last point, people can disagree, but what I wanted to do was look back at earlier camera samples from Google’s Nexus and Pixel lines of smartphones. Two images of each phone that Google has produced to gauge our progress.

On a more technical note, there was a time when Google refused to replace the camera sensors in its Pixel devices. You might not notice a significant difference during that time because the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 5 all had the same camera (Sony’s IMX 363, though the Pixel 2 had an almost identical IM362), according to one argument. This should be a enjoyable activity regardless.

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Source: droid-life

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