Sony Unveils Point-and-Shoot Camera

Sony Unveils Point-and-Shoot Camera for the Visually Impaired

Sony has unveiled a point-and-shoot camera created for people with visual impairments, continuing to share its technological innovations. The “DSC-HX99 RNV” comes as a kit comprised of a point-and-shoot and a viewfinder with a retinal laser projection system.

A 24mm to 720mm zoom lens and an 18-megapixel illuminated sensor with built-in image stabilization are included in the Sony Cybershot DSC-HX99 base model. A digital image drawn from the camera is directly projected onto the retina of the user by the Retissa Neoviewer from Japan’s QD Laser. Sony does, however, point out that not everyone can use the technology.

“The laser retinal projection of Retissa Neoviewer is a completely new technology that has been put to practical use for the first time in the world,” according to QD Laser’s president and chief executive officer, Dr. Mitsuru Sugawara.

The DSC-HX99 RNV, which has a US$600 price tag, will only be sold by Sony and one per customer. Sony also notes that it will bear “the majority” of the cost to produce the camera and will be working with The device will be offered to students with low vision in American and Japanese schools.

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