Police Want Home Security Cameras Connected to Brisbane's CCTV Network

Police Want Home Security Cameras Connected to Brisbane’s CCTV Network

To aid them in gathering evidence of crimes, police ask residents to register the security camera systems in their suburban homes with the relevant agencies.

Brisbane’s network of 145 inner-city CCTV cameras records 60 incidents every day, or more than 26,000 annually. Over the course of the last 12 months, these recordings have been used as evidence in 800 police briefings.

The majority of the incidents that are recorded on camera are robberies, petty crimes, vandalism, and violent behavior, though the cameras occasionally assist authorities in responding to medical emergencies.

The inner-city network began in Queen Street Mall before extending to Fortitude Valley.

The network has expanded into the suburbs since the year’s end as a result of homeowners’ consenting to connect their CCTV camera surveillance to the police network. It is comparable to police requests for dashcam footage.

“People can register their home CCTV cameras, businesses can register their home CCTV cameras with police,” On Tuesday, acting superintendent David Jackman made a statement.

“We are aware that there may be additional opportunities for us to gather information that will aid law enforcement.”

The 2032 Olympic Games in Brisbane were mentioned by Jackman and Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner as an additional justification for wanting people to feel secure.

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Source: brisbane times

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