Home Security Camera Initiative

South Bend Rolls Out Home Security Camera Initiative

In order to help the police solve crimes, they can register their home security cameras as weapons.

The Sync South Bend Camera Registry Program went live on Monday.

“It enables local establishments and citizens to register their cameras, after which we will integrate with Fusus to be able to locate them and request video from them. We don’t have to go to their house. We’d like your video from this time period, just a quick email to say hello. If you can do that and are available, kindly send it. Then you send it right through the actual link itself. It uploads to Fusus, where a detective can download it immediately. There are no issues with emails or the requirement for a flash drive. It’s all done through Fusus,” explained Bri Fenton, senior analyst at the SBPD.

As it stands, police must comb the area surrounding a crime scene for nearby homes that may have security footage that could be useful. Door-knocking at all hours of the night can result from this.

Investigators will be able to quickly and covertly access private footage with Fusus thanks to the registry. “Some residents don’t want the police to come to their home because of safety concerns or for any other reason, so this, you know, prevents that from happening.”

Inquiries about camera locations and contacts for sharing video will be made of those who register with the registry.

The city won’t monitor any private cameras. When a crime is being investigated nearby, it will merely request that video be sent via a secure link.

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