Suspects Seen Pulling Car Door Handles

Suspects Seen Pulling Car Door Handles, Firing Gun in the Hill Neighborhood

Located in the heart of the St. Church bells at St. Louis’ The Hill neighborhood ring. Tuesday early in the Ambrose Parish.

Water sprinkling at the Piazza Imo fountain in front of it symbolizes the serenity.

However, this holy place is not entirely silent.

Alderman Joe Vollmer claimed that the suspects disturbed this neighborhood while they were just a few feet away on Wilson Avenue.

“There have been reports the past few days of groups being dropped off and flipping car handles,” he said.

Doorbell cameras are a common form of home security in the area.

5 Christine Byers of On Your Side was able to get a video from a resident in the 5200 block of Wilson.

Police confirm that it occurred Tuesday morning shortly after midnight.

Two people in dark clothing, according to the police, got out of a car and used flashlights to check out other cars. The video showed the suspects fleeing, and at the very end, one of them raised his hand and fired the weapon.

“The most troublesome thing is they are leaving cash in the car,” Vollmer said. “It’s a very specific thing that they’re doing when they open the glove boxes of cars in search of guns.”

In addition to saying that many locals send him video of crimes, Vollmer asserts that the neighborhood is proactive by holding meetings on crime prevention.

5 According to some locals who were interviewed by On Your Side reporter Justina Coronel, they feel safe in this area.

However, they have witnessed the scavengers exploring the area.

One lady claimed that a few nights prior, she yelled at the offenders, shooed them away, and threatened to call the police.

The suspects fled.

Michael Barbieri has worked as an investigator for the Global Intelligence Agency for 35 years. He offered some safer alternatives.

“If they see anything like this call 911 immediately and never approach anyone with a gun in their hand,” he said. “It’s not a good idea to confront them if there are two to three people banging on car doors because many of these younger kids are armed.”

According to Vollmer, neighborhood watchdogs who are passionate about keeping the peace can help to deter crime.

“I know the police are undermanned and we try to help them the best we can, that’s why we’re so vigilant in this part of town,” Vollmer noted.

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