Thumb-sized Camera

This Thumb-sized Camera is My New “must-have” for Traveling

This is Insta360’s third attempt with its pocket-sized camera, as the name implies, and this time around it has made some noteworthy improvements like the ability to record in 1440p (from 1080p) and shoot for longer than two hours.

The clever flip-out display module that serves as a battery pack has replaced the camera’s tripod stand from last year. Think of a smaller version of a modern vlogging camera.

Naturally, the Go 3 merits the attention of both thrill seekers and game-beaters like myself. (Sorry, it was the most appropriate rhyme I could think of to introduce this subsequent section.)

The Insta360 Go 3 is two inches long and has a single button in the middle that can be used to turn on the camera (press and hold) or start or stop recording (single tap). There is no physical viewfinder on the Go 3, so you can’t see how your shots are actually framed when using it alone.

However, because Insta360 uses an ultrawide lens, you can anticipate that the majority of the subjects in your field of view will be included in the final product.

Consequently, recording life’s moments only requires mounting the camera using one of the included clip-on cap mounts, pivot stands, magnet pendants (just imagine wearing a pendant and being able to snap the camera over your shirt), or my personal favorite, the new Action Pod.

You can reduce the distortion from the ultrawide lens, boost video resolution, and increase the Go 3’s battery life with the Action Pod in addition to getting a flip-out display to see what’s being captured. I kept using the accessory because it was so easy to attach the camera to the module—it’s like fitting a puzzle piece.

Occasionally, I had to stop the camera after three or four exports to let it cool down before continuing, all the while crossing my fingers that it wouldn’t disconnect in the middle of the process. The internal cooling and heat dissipation of this very tiny camera, however, can only be so effective.

Ultimately, a bit of patience is all that’s truly needed to have yourself an effortless and unobtrusive vlogging experience with the Insta360 Go 3. The camera starts at $379 for the 32GB model, but As a result of how simple it is to record more than you should, I’d advise choosing either the 64GB or 128GB model. And it’s likely that you will as well.

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Source: ZDNET

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