A Compact Camera Running Linux

A Compact Camera Running Linux? What’s Not to Like!

The handheld camera was one of the devices that the average person’s smartphone ate up, to the point where it’s now said that young people are rediscovering digital cameras from 20 years ago for their retro coolness. However, a mirrorless compact or a DSLR should still outperform a phone in capable hands, proving that cameras aren’t entirely extinct. 

Owning one since 2014 is what sparked his interest in the range, and some of the potential it offers can be found in his earlier posts on hacking that camera. Getting to a root shell is simple, as we covered at the time, and it turns out to be a very hackable device, aside from the amusement that it runs an unprotected X server.

In terms of popularity, cameras follow a curve resembling the Gartner hype cycle, so, for instance, the compact and bridge cameras that were late-2000s must-haves are now second-hand store bargains. Given that mirrorless cameras like the Samsung are now getting on in years, it’s likely that they will soon become unaffordable as well. One to watch out for, possibly.

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Source: hackaday

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