Eufy's New Home Security Camera

Eufy’s New Home Security Camera Promises 24/7 Recording With no Blind Spots

These days, home security cameras are widely available. However, cameras only function as solitary devices, regardless of how many you have or who makes them. What does it matter if you require footage of an incident from various perspectives and locations?

Eufy’s new E330 (Professional) security camera system uses artificial intelligence to automatically splice together video clips rather than requiring you to download and edit each one separately. In this manner, when you view an event on your phone, you will instantly get the entire story—and without requiring any further work on your part.

The system, according to Eufy, provides 24/7 recording and doesn’t have blind spots, though the latter will depend entirely on how many cameras you have and where you place them. Even so, most home security cameras typically only record when some sort of event is triggered, but the E330 (Professional) seems to record continuously. It functions essentially as a home CCTV system with all the smarts you’d expect from a modern smart security system.

It sounds like you’ll need a lot of storage, so it’s fortunate that the HomeBase 3 can accommodate up to 16TB of capacity. You don’t have to pay a monthly subscription fee because, like all Eufy devices, all footage is stored locally. The company’s DetectMind AI, which can distinguish between different types of motion, including that of people, animals, vehicles, and other things entirely, is also powered by the Homebase.

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