Doorbell Camera Records Alabama Man's Close Encounter With Lightning

Doorbell Camera Records Alabama Man’s Close Encounter With Lightning

This past Friday night, Carl Cody looked out his window and noticed that the sky appeared lighter than usual. Since Cody has always been fascinated by stormy weather, he decided to step outside onto his porch and take a look.

Finally, lightning struck.

“I kind of muttered to myself, “Holy,” as I noticed one lightning bolt off to the right…'” Cody spoke to AccuWeather. “It was like a flash-bang went off a few seconds after I just so happened to glance to the left.”

A video of Cody watching a storm outside his home in Pike Road, an Alabama community southeast of Montgomery, was captured by his Ring camera. When a lightning strike occurs nearby in the video, Cody enters the shot just before it happens. Before Cody retreats back into his home, a loud thunderclap can be heard.

The National Weather Service issued a warning earlier in the day that thunderstorms were expected to develop across Alabama, posing risks such as damaging winds, heavy rainfall, and frequent lightning. Montgomery was depicted in an area of “marginal risk” for those weather events for both In line with the NWS, Friday and Saturday.

Cody said he wouldn’t be reluctant to go outside in the future to observe storms despite the near miss.

“I’ll go outside every time it rains,” he said. “I’ll go outside and watch until I get hit. If I could, I’d chase storms. If I could, I’d love to hear tornadoes and other natural disasters.”

The storm in Alabama felt severe, though, even for Cody.

“Normally, it doesn’t scare me very much, but something that close – I got myself inside pretty quick,” he said.

According to the National Weather Service, since 2013, there have been an average of 20 fatalities in the US caused by lightning each year. After a New York man was struck by lightning while seated beneath a tree on Monday, the United States reached seven lightning-related fatalities in 2023.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration advises staying inside and keeping low to the ground during thunderstorms as the best lightning protection measures. Additionally, the NOAA recommends that you find cover as soon as you hear thunder.

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Source: AOL.

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