Hidden iPhone Camera Tips

Hidden iPhone Camera Tips Everyone Needs to Know

The fact that your iPhone camera is capable of so much more than just taking beautiful pictures and videos explains why it consistently makes the top 10 lists of best camera phones each year. There’s a good chance you aren’t taking advantage of all the features, advice, and techniques your iPhone camera has to offer.

Have you ever watched a video on social media and wondered “how did they zoom in and out like that without any jittering?” Or, “how come my pictures don’t look like that?” We’re here to solve those puzzles and give you the essential secret information about the iPhone camera that everyone should be aware of.

Many of the buttons in your camera have more than one function, while other useful features are hiding in plain sight under your settings menus. For you to not only take better photos and videos, but also to do so conveniently, we’re here to uncover these hidden features.

1: Swipe Up to Quick Access More Controls

Accessing additional camera features like your filters or aspect ratio doesn’t require you to click the small arrow at the top of your camera. Swipe up in the viewfinder to bring up all of those extra features instead of pressing the arrow at the top of the screen.

Bonus Tip: By swiping left from the lock screen, you can also quickly access your camera. When you swipe left on Facebook, unlike Tinder, good things happen.

2. Use the Sun Icon to Adjust Exposure

The majority of people are aware of how to quickly focus on a particular subject or object by tapping it in the viewfinder. This brings up the tiny yellow box to the right with the sun icon.

However, did you know that when the sun icon appears outside of the box, you can slide it up and down to change the exposure? That’s right, you can slide the sun icon once it starts to look like it will blow out a picture with more exposure, or you can slide it down to let in less light and make the picture darker.

3. Lock Focus and Exposure

Your phone quickly resets its settings each time you take a picture. It can be annoying to want to take multiple pictures of the same object or subject but not want to change the exposure or focus between each picture. Don’t worry, you can combat that with the exposure/focus lock or “AE/AF Lock” as your iPhone calls it.

Instead of simply tapping on a subject in the viewfinder to adjust the focus, if you tap and hold for a couple seconds, this will arm the exposure/focus lock. When you do this, you’ll see an “AE/AF Lock” dialogue box that appears at the top of your screen. Now you can take multiple photos of a specific subject without having to adjust the autofocus or exposure between every photo.

4. the Grid

Ever heard of “the rule of thirds?” Place your subject in the center of the frame, leaving the other two-thirds of the frame blank, according to a rule in both photography and filmmaking. Pictures and videos with it in them are more interesting.

Uncertain of your technique? For assistance, turn on the grid on your camera. You can now use guidelines to help you take better photos by simply turning on Grid in the camera section of your settings.

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