Hidden Cameras

How To Keep Yourself Safe From Hidden Cameras?

If you’ve ever felt like someone is watching you, it may be true, according to LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE). For some Middletown residents, this is not a Halloween tale; it’s everyday life.

They can be integrated into almost anything as cameras get smaller and have higher resolutions.

The cleaning crew at CycleBar in Middletown discovered one with nude images this past week.

A man was issued a citation on Friday for concealing a camera inside a container for feminine products. According to police, it captured video of both breasts and genitalia.

Three different times, the man placed the covert camera in the same bathroom.

D’Shawn Johnson, a security expert for WAVE News, says it occurs more frequently than you might imagine.

“The camera clarity with 4k, 1080 HD, has gotten a lot better so you can take a really, really small item and put a camera in it and it can be very effective and get a great picture with it,” Johnson said.

Annie Locke, the owner of “CycleBar Fitness Center” on We were informed by Shelbyville Road that this was a terrible violation of her client’s privacy.

Locke claimed that she always checks the studio and bathrooms to ensure the security of her clients.

She discovered the camera in this manner.

Hidden Cameras

Finding gadgets like a pen camera is simple with a quick online search. Cameras can be hidden inside of anything, not just pens.

“It used to be things that are out of place, but now it’s at a point now, they can make camera devices look like something that actually belongs in that area that you’re in,” Johnson said.

The majority of the studio’s areas can be seen by her thanks to a security system, according to Locke…except for the bathrooms and showers.

It’s possible for cameras to be hidden in a bathroom’s toilet paper dispenser or even the door’s hinges.

How can you protect yourself from being covertly recorded, then?

“Before you leave, take a look, shake, and look behind objects. Take a visual note of what’s around you, whether you’re in a bathroom stall, bathroom, hotel room, AirBnb, or any location that you’re in,” Johnson said.

Some smartphones can assist you in locating a hidden camera.

You just need to look for any bright red dots that appear on the screen as you move the camera of your phone around the room.

Those dots indicate the presence of infrared, which most cameras emit to improve images taken in low light.

Johnson advises leaving if you don’t feel comfortable.

However, if you must remain, cover up any areas you are unsure of with a towel or piece of clothing.

Do something if you do discover something fishy.

“Call your neighborhood’s law enforcement first to inform them and hand over the evidence. Next, get your phone out and snap some photos of the surroundings. Notify the management of the facility and let them know also that you found a recording device in their facility,” Johnson said.

According to Johnson, you should only turn over evidence to the police and not to the management of the location you’re in.

By raising awareness of it, Locke assured me that she is doing everything within her power to prevent this from occurring in another gym.

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