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Ring Camera Caught Two Coyotes in the Front Yard of Apex Home

After noticing two coyotes trotting across his front yard Sunday evening, an Apex resident had to take a second look.

After receiving the phone notification, homeowner Scott Lloyd claimed to have seen the creatures via the ring cameras security system.

“I picked up my phone as I was working on something and thought, “Oh, those are coyotes.” I put my phone down and sort of resumed my work before realizing that those were coyotes. For me, it was somewhat of a delayed response.” said Lloyds.

That was Lloyds’ first encounter with coyotes in his neighborhood, he said.

“It was normally deer or a cat, so I was really surprised,” said Lloyd.

With so much new construction in and around the triangle, sightings are increasing in frequency, according to Dr. Tara Harrison, an associate professor of zoo and exotic medicine at NC State.

“You’re probably going to be seeing coyotes going into areas where they may not have normally gone before, plus all the leaves are down still so it’s a lot easier to see them,” Harrison said. “They most likely existed at all times; you just weren’t aware of them.”

Coyotes are on the move in search of a mate because, according to Dr. Harrison, they are breeding at this time of year.

“Avoid feeding your dog or cat outside, keep your trash in its designated area, and avoid feeding your cat outside in an effort to prevent these animals from gathering at your home.,” said Harrison.

As a result of his experience with these two coyotes, Lloyd promises to always keep a close eye on his dogs when he lets them out.

“A friend of mine out in California, their dog was actually attacked by a pack of coyotes, so that was the first thing that went through my head because we have two dogs,” said Lloyd.

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