Amazon Ring Car Camera

Amazon Introduces Ring Car Camera for Vehicles

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Ten years after releasing its first video doorbell, Ring’s parent company, Amazon, is now releasing a new security product: a camera for your car.

Chief Technology Officer of Ring Josh Roth stated last week that a product to protect the car is one that founder Jamie Siminoff has inquired about the most.

“Ring Car Cam brings the ease of use and familiarity of your traditional Ring security camera to your car,” Roth said on Jan. 5. “The Ring app, which also manages other Ring products, lets you view all of your Ring devices in one location and control Car Cam. This gives you peace of mind.”

The vehicle’s dashboard houses a dual-facing camera that can record both when the car is moving and when it is stopped.

The Car Cam can identify specific events occurring inside and around your car when it is parked. The device will begin recording and send a real-time alert to the customer’s Ring app, where you can watch what is happening live, if an event is detected, such as an intruder, allowing you to see what is happening as it happens.

In addition, a “traffic stop” feature lets drivers start recording when they get pulled over or get into an accident.

Customers in the United States will start receiving shipments of the Ring Car Cam. in Despite being available for pre-order on and until February, the gadget.

Before the official launch next month, the product is now only $200 for a limited time. Ring Protect Go is also available for $6 a month or $60 a year as a subscription.

The cost of the Car Cam will increase to $250 in February.

“Your vehicle is an extension of your home, and I’m proud we’ve been able to invent a new way to protect it on your behalf,” Roth concluded.

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Source: Fox 10

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