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How Much Does A Photo Booth Cost? Guide 2022

A photo booth is one of the most entertaining ways to inject some fun and some laughs into a gathering. A great way to remember events is with a photo booth.

Concerned about the price of a photo booth for your wedding, party, or business event? A photo booth’s price is not a fixed amount that cannot be changed. This is due to the wide price range of photo booths.

How Much Does Renting A Photo Booth Cost?

An average photo booth rental lasts for 4 hours, costs $760 (tip not included), and includes prints of your photos.  Prices range from $500 to $1,200 for a booth with no prints, with $500 being the lowest price.  Without any restrictions on time or event, a DIY photo booth rental costs about $320.

Photo Booth

What Accessories For The Photo Booth Can Be Rented?

The price of a photo booth typically includes the booth itself, an attendant, setup, and breakdown. However, there are other related items and accessories that your photo booth rental cost may include or that can be added on as an extra cost. The following extras could be provided by your photo booth provider:

  • Custom backdrops: If you’d like, some photo booth providers will collaborate with your florist or wedding planner to design a special backdrop for your booth. DIY options are also available, though.). Your guests may be able to choose their own backgrounds if your photo booth provider has green screens available.
  • Images on a CD or DVD: You’ll probably want to view every photo that was taken in your photo booth throughout your wedding, even though your guests will probably receive a copy of their pictures (either as a printout or a digital file). It’s a great way to look back on the event and catch up on all of your guests’ antics!
  • Flipbooks: You will have to pay a fee for the printed books, which serve as favors if you’re having a flip book photo booth.
  • Prints: The majority of photo booths give your visitors printouts of their photos, either as a vintage photo strip or as a single image.
  • Masks, signs, and other items that serve as props A fun touch to your guests’ photo booth experience can be added by using the silly props that some photo booth providers offer.
  • Integration of social media: This makes it simple for you and your visitors to share photos from the photo booth on Instagram or Facebook!

Factors That Impact The Price Of A Photo Booth


The final cost of a photo booth rental may vary depending on what the package includes. It’s not unusual to find quotes for photo booth prices that include a specific number of hours. Companies that rent photo booths frequently include three or four hours of time in the package rather than charging by the hour. Some customers go one step further and combine packages with additional standard features like music and lighting. For instance, MusicMasters, a company based in Maryland, offers photo booth rental packages that include sound, individualized planning, a DJ, and round-the-clock support for $895 as opposed to its ceremony, reception, and uplights photo booth package, which also includes 10 uplights for $1,295.

Special Features

The final price of the photo booth package may change as special features are added. Photo galleries, personalized backdrops, extra props, and photo albums are a few special features that photo booth rentals might provide. These extras can all raise the cost of renting a photo booth. A wedding photo booth with props from Maryland-based Mullinix Photo Booths costs $500 for four hours, whereas First Dance Entertainment offers custom photo booth rentals with photo galleries, which may have an impact on the final price.

Booth Types

Customers can select from a variety of photo booth styles, including open-air booths with backdrops, enclosed booths, and open-air booths without backdrops. The overall cost a renter incurs for the photo booth depends on the type of booth they choose.

For instance, open-air photo booths with cameras and a backdrop are frequently less expensive than enclosed photo booths. This is so that they can be more structurally and materially elaborate than open-air photo booths. In contrast to open-air photo booths, enclosed photo booths frequently require multiple curtain backdrops. Additionally, open-air photo booths without backdrops are typically less expensive than those with backdrops.

Time And Date

A photo booth’s final cost may vary depending on the day of the week and the time of day. For instance, renting photo booths on the weekend is typically more expensive than doing so during the workweek. Therefore, it’s common to see a higher price difference when renting photo booths for events held on a Saturday as opposed to Thursday weddings. Additionally, there are additional fees for any additional time used over the standard rental period for the photo booth. Therefore, it’s crucial for customers to enquire about price variations based on the day and time of the event.

What Things Should I Take Into Account Before Renting A Photo Booth?

A photo booth will always have a use. Depending on how you’re using it, that goal will change. 

It could be any or all of the following at a wedding:

  • Ice breaker
  • Party starter
  • Main photography
  • A bit of fun
  • Documenting the reception
  • Family Portraits
  • Guest Book
  • Video book
  • Video Karaoke
  • Wedding favors
  • The main entertainment
  • Additional entertainment

Therefore, it is crucial that your chosen supplier is aware of your goals for the booth. They can’t make a plan until this is determined. For instance, if you were just using it for a little bit of fun, props are a must-have, and a 3-hour shoot is fine, but if you were using it as your main photography, you would need a high-quality output, and you might want to do without the props. You would also need to spend more time on the lighting, and the shoot would need to last longer. 

How To Save Money?

There are numerous ways for party guests to reduce the price of a photo booth for their event. Here are some important ideas to bear in mind:

  • It’s a good idea to enquire about a group discount because special rates are frequently offered for non-profit organizations, schools, military organizations, and other groups.
  • The number of guests attending the event as well as the total amount of time needed for them to enjoy the photo booth should be taken into account by the client. They can use this information to decide whether purchasing upgraded packaging with more time will cost them less than paying extra for exceeding the allotted photo booth time.
  • Customers have the option of saving money by renting open-air booths, which are typically less expensive than enclosed booths.
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