ZeroEyes Uses AI and Security Cameras

ZeroEyes Uses AI and Security Cameras to Detect Guns in Public and Private Spaces

In our surveillance society, AI has been heavily utilized for face detection on a global scale. However, ZeroEyes is confident that by using AI to identify guns, it can identify immediate threats.

Since 2022, ZeroEyes has been offering its service for video analytics that detects firearms. Prior to sending an emergency message to the location where a shooter might be present—before shootings occur—it combines the automated detection of gun-like objects with human experts’ video analysis.

Sam Alaimo, co-founder of ZeroEyes and a former Navy SEAL, said in an interview with VentureBeat that ZeroEyes has proven its value in situations where shooters brandish weapons, sometimes long before they start shooting and police are called.

“We are in full blitzscale expansion mode right now,” Alaimo said. “The right time for our start was when. We have a well-established reputation for reliability. Many of our clients have made public appearances on our behalf. After operating there for several months or years to confirm that our technology performs as promised. It’s advantageous because discoveries like this one allow for the preservation of human lives.”

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Source: venturebeat

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