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Sony’s Cameras Are Trash

The newest cameras from Sony are junk. Of course, we mean that literally. As part of its Road to Zero carbon-neutral plan, Sony has provided specifics regarding the amount of recycled plastic used in the manufacture of the materials used in its most recent cameras and other consumer electronics.

The use of virgin plastic in Sony’s consumer products has been significantly reduced thanks to the company’s patented recycled plastic, SORPLAS, according to a video the company created to illustrate the change. Currently, 70% of all plastics used in consumer electronics are virgin plastics, which are made from raw materials (oil-derived materials) for the first time.

On the other hand, SORPLAS is created using recycled PET water bottles and optical disks (as well as a flame-retardant material for added safety). In actuality, Sony has already utilized 379 tonnes of SORPLAS in items that may already be in your home, such as its BRAVIA TVs, wireless earbuds, Xperia phones, and of course — in some of the best Sony cameras.

The video specifically praises the Sony A7, Sony ZV-1F, and Sony FX30 for their use of SORPLAS in both external and internal components. Additionally, those fluffy little microphone covers found on vlogging cameras’ windscreens have been made from recycled PET bottles. The use of virgin plastic in Sony’s BRAVIA TVs has been cut by 60% as a result of SORPLAS.

For the same application, SORPLAS can be produced with 72% less CO2 than virgin plastic while still offering 99% of the strength. Because SORPLAS is recyclable multiple times, it will continue to be used in recycled products in the future.

At Digital Camera World, we already consider Sony cameras to be among the best due to their incredible photo and video capabilities, but their increased eco-friendliness only serves to enhance this opinion.

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Source: digitalcameraworld

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